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In-Vivo Study Design

Accelerate time-consuming literature reviews for in-vivo study design, IACUC protocol development, and more

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Accelerate your drug development protocols with a smarter literature review

Excel at preclinical R&D

Tailored search

Precision search tailored for in-vivo scientists

Engineered by in-vivo scientists for in-vivo scientists, our powerful literature review engine goes beyond simple keyword matching to ensure that you find not just any research, but the right research.


Effortless access to study insights
By pre-extracting crucial design decisions and experimental conditions, we save you countless hours of manual review. to quickly grasp the landscape of existing studies and apply these insights to your own research.


Sponsor-focused study search

Our intuitive platform makes it straightforward to locate and compare studies from specific sponsors, facilitating a direct 1-to-1 comparison of drug efficacy and experimental approaches.

Translational optimization

Coming soon

Optimized study design for translational success
With a focus on the critical transition from animal models to human applications, we provide insights that empower companies to construct in-vivo studies with the highest potential for clinical translation.

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